Finally, In A Chart, The Ascendant Tends To Represent “me” And The Descendant “you” (or Perhaps Better, “others).

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Astrology Of The Ariana Grande Concert Explosion

beliefnet astrology matthew currie arian grande concert explosion But the Moon was right in the middle of the two, both within conjunction range and right on the midpoint between the two planets — and that Moon was closely square Pluto. Normally you’d expect that combination to make for generally lively emotions, whether you were at an Ariana Grande concert or not. But these transits take on special significance when view from that particular place and moment in time. Venus was the ruler of the local Midheaven, which you could say represents “the public purpose” of the events there, and with the Moon and Uranus opposite that local Midheaven, it seems destined that “the public purpose” of that event was to be startling. Finally, in a chart, the Ascendant tends to represent “me” and the Descendant “you” (or perhaps better, “others). And in the chart of the incident, there’s Mars, the God of War… freshly set in the West and close to the Descendant. As we’ve seen in other cases of sudden and unexpected violence , even the local transiting Ascendant and Midheaven are players when it comes to the moment something terrible is unleashed. So how does this affect Ariana Grande personally? It’s natural that we should ask this, because odds are very good you and I don’t personally know any of the victims — and I certainly don’t have birth charts for any of them.

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